EPS Fish Box/ Ice Box

The most economic transportation box for frozen meat, fresh vegetable and fruit.
Dimention (LxWxH)mm
Internal External With Cover
Cooler Box 220x210x145 (260x295)x250x170 (260x295)x250x190
12 sets
HongKong Box 430x305x150 480x355x175 480x355x200
Picnic Box 328x190x195 (418x378)x(280x240)x230 (418x378)x(280x240)x270
28 sets
Mini Box 382x256x270 434x308x296 434x308x322
20 sets
Small Box 440x320x300 500x380x325 500x380x360
10 sets
Murah Box      
RA Box 530x385x255 590x445x275 590x445x300
9 sets
Big Box 558x430x310 618x494x340 618x494x370
9 sets
12" EPS Float 12" Diameter with 2" corol hole
25 pcs

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